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Free, powerful analysis and visualizations of receptor sequences and phenotypic markers.

About Receptor · Marker

The high-throughput technique described by Han, A., Glanville, J., Hansmann, L., & Davis, M. M. in "Linking T-cell receptor sequence to functional phenotype at the single-cell level" [Nature biotechnology (2014)] enables deep analysis of T-cell evolution and the relationship between T-cell receptor (TCR) sequences and phenotypic markers. This technique is highly relevant to antigen discovery and could be used to develop therapeutic interventions since it can identify and characterize T-cells participating in an infectious or autoimmune disease response.

However, complex computational techniques may need to be employed to extract and visualize pertinent information from experiments that use this technique. Receptor · Marker is a web application to analyze and visualize cell evolution and phenotypic markers from such experiments. It was designed to provide an interface to complex yet potentially common and powerful analyses from single cell high-throughput sequencing and phenotyping panels, and it utilizes a scalable backend processing system in the cloud.

Multiple sequence analysis and phylogenetics are used to examine the data, and additional features, such as cell fate tracing and clustering, are planned for development.

Open Source

Receptor · Marker is built on an open source R package. Contributions to the package are encouraged.

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